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Latest News

This is a page warning computer users of the latest virus threats and other related important news. Please call us for if any of these items affect you:  03 545 1818  021 02305070



Vodafone have recently announced they are stopping all their email services.


If you have the following email address - this affects you:







In these circumstances, your email will stop working. Call us for free advice on the steps you can take to setup a new, more reliable email address.

Be Careful: SCAM ALLERT !


We have recently received a lot of calls from customers having been called by telephone from scammers falsely identifying themselves as:


Spark technicians

Microsoft representatives

or other organisations related to the security of your computer.


Be advised, anyone calling you unsolicited will be a scam and you should hang up immediately. If in doubt, call us for free and we can advise you. If you do let them gain access to your PC, call us immediately. They may have installed Malware/Viruses on your PC.


More importantly, if you gave them your credit card details, you must contact your bank immediately to stop any payments.


We've had reports from our customers the Police are uninterested in helping although we recommend still reporting it to be on the safe side.